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The American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist at least twice a year for a dental exam. Maintaining your oral health is crucial in avoiding tooth loss, periodontal issues or expensive restorative procedures.  Dr. Scanlon and his staff will provide a complete checkup to determine any potential problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. We will also replace older, failing dental work such as fillings or crowns.


With an exam every six months, we can help manage small dental problems before they become more complicated problems.  Diagnosing  dental health problems early is essential in controlling them.

Dental  Examinations

Preventive Dental Care for You

It's crucial to maintain your oral health to prevent any dental complications. You can do so by brushing twice daily, replacing your tooth brush on scheduled intervals, and having your teeth professionally cleaned.  Allow our hygienists to perform dental screenings, general checkups, and X-rays to determine the status of your oral health and more.

Boost your smile


Avoid tooth decay through preventive oral care and treatments.



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Boost Your Smile

Trust the Professional Dentists & Dental Hygienists

It's important to rely on experienced and reliable dentists like us for your dental treatments. Professionals at Dale E Scanlon DMD PC are highly experienced and knowledgeable to assist you with all your dental ailments. An amateur dentist can spoil the job and can break the bank. You'll get top-quality dental services from start to finish. Allow a certified and experienced dentist to treat you. Schedule an appointment today! Call 610-280-7779.

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Most dental problems start small and then go through a rapid growth phase. Dental cleanings and thorough exams by Dr. Scanlon and our dental hygienists are the best way to prevent small minor problems from getting worse.  

Even with proper brushing and flossing it is not possible to remove all of the plaque. Tartar is an even more aggressive bacterium which is the major cause in gingivitis gum disease and tooth decay. Regular cleanings help us to keep tartar off the teeth and from around your gums. It is the best way to avoid more time (and money) at the dental office.